Friday, September 30, 2011

13 months

Good Morning Sunshine! Happy 13 months to our little Owen!


He's growing up so fast, and becoming more and more independent every day, especially with eating.  He manages to be independent yet a complete mama's boy at the same time.  I **love** his hugs.  He's the cuddliest boy.  His 6th tooth arrived on 9.10.11, and he's still holding steady at 6.  He's practically running already.  He is also continuing on his very naughty biting streak (only now, I think he's biting just to bite...not because of teething issues).  Every time we say, "Owen, no biting."  He will slap himself on the head.  I'm not sure what that's about, but it sure makes it hard for us to keep a straight face.  Tormenting his brother is a must - I swear he knows that Isaac will freak out if he even gets close something that Isaac has labeled as HIS.  Kind of funny sometimes, other times I just want to pull my hair out because it usually starts with Isaac freaking out, then Owen screaming at Isaac, then both of them CRYING.  Someday, they'll be buddies.  I know it!

Owen's favorite word right now:  Ball
His newest favorite food:  Apple Slices (not has to be the slice that he can bite himself).
Favorite things:  Putting on his shoes, hats, turning lights on/off, opening and closing doors, biting, tractors/cars/anything with wheels, and getting into pretty much anything that he can.

They grow up too fast.....don't forget to wait for me Bubba.  We love you sooooo much!



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