Monday, September 5, 2011

Owen's first birthday party

Yesterday afternoon, we gathered with our family, our furry friends, and a few local friends to help Owen celebrate his first year.  We had a beautiful day for it (sunny and upper 60's) and I hope it was a wonderful time for all. I never like to have crazy parties for the first-birthdays because if you continue to have birthday parties for your kids, each bigger than the last, then you're going to be in a whole lot of trouble by the time your kid reaches 5.  I also try to steer clear of any definitive kiddie theme (Elmo, Cars (the movie), Thomas the Tank Engine).  For Isaac, we did "dots" because that's how we decorated his nursery.  For Owen, I was going between "wheels" or "food."  In the end, food won out because I think a "wheels" theme will be more fun for him if it's something he's still into in a year.  So, we had a little foodie party for Owen.  The entire guest's menu (except the drinks) consisted of foods that Owen loves.  It was just perfect. :)  I love small, low-key, low stress parties.

Chicken on a stick
Down-home Mac and Cheese (recipe here)
Fresh Fruit (bananas, strawberries, grapes, cherries)
Carrots (raw, but we usually cook Owen's!)
Cupcakes (vanilla or chocolate)
Spaghetti (in cupcake/cake form!)

I also brought in three different flavors of Juicy Juice boxes for the older kids - to keep some color in the palette. :) We also served coffee, soda, water, and milk.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip out.  Here are some pics of the food and the fun. :)

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Dr. Blake said...

It was a great day and an overall success for Owen's first birthday party. But the question I had is, who invited the hairy kid in the last picture?