Monday, March 3, 2008


I can't believe how quickly time flies....a few quick updates:

1. The Wizard of Oz opens on March 27 and ends its run in a matinée performance on March 30. If you have nothing to do come see it! If nothing else, I will tell you that I can't wait for it to end. Since the weather has caused many canceled rehearsals, we are rehearsing everyday of the week but Saturday. Woo.

2. Blake will start working just as soon as his official Dr. license comes in the mail. I wish that little piece of paper would hurry up!

3. We bought a guest bed! Denver Mattress, Queen size, $315 total. Not bad eh? Now we have more than a double-flocked air bed to offer to our visitors!

4. Remember those stools? We still have had no luck in our search...then again, I haven't really had much time to search.

5. My itchy skin is slowly going away. I have taken to putting lotion on every last inch of me before I crawl into bed at night {with Blake's help of course!} *wink wink* Thanks for the suggestions!

6. My cousin Nickle Pickle was home from Boston last weekend. He will finish culinary school in June and then continue to work in Boston. He made a lovely meal for us while he was home. Really, we're spoiled with him in the family. He's going to make a fantastic chef! Anyone up for a trip to Boston in a few years? :)

7. Blake has been begging me for another dog or a larger fish tank.....I've talked him down to a smaller fish tank in his "man room" {when you visit our house, we will show you the "man room"}, but I'm not sure where I am with the dog idea. The answer will probably come once he starts working. I think he's just bored right now, sitting around and waiting for his license, so he fills his head with all of these fancy ideas.

8. Is it spring yet?


Jennifer said...

Again, please buy these stools. Maybe they do not appeal to your tastes, but they just sing to mine.

Blake said...

Ok, first off I think that anyone would be bored if put in my everyday life as of resent. So me focusing my thoughts on fish and dogs is least in my head it is.

Second. Jennifer sounds like she is the one who's thoughts should be concerning you. She is not just hearing voices, but singing furniture. Yikes!