Sunday, June 7, 2009

8 months

So serious....

Isaac was busy last month. He:

1. Vacationed in London and Paris {and consequently flew on a plane and rode on a train}
2. Started eating puffs {when we feed them to him}
3. Went to two weddings
4. Learned to eat peaches and grapes from his mesh feeder
5. Eats small pieces of peas, green beans, and watermelon
6. Mastered his sippy cup!
7. Helped Grandpa do field work {and fell asleep doing it!}
8. Cut a tooth
9. Probably put on weight
10. Probably also got a bit taller
11. Worked on beginning to crawl. He is on the verge. I swear he'll be crawling all over in less than a week {first he needs to figure out how to go from laying on his back to sitting!}. Right now he sort of scoots, rolls, and is trying to pull himself up.

Happy 8 months sweetie pie!


Jennifer said...

That first pic is totally a senior picture pose circa 1997! He should be wearing Eastlands, tapered leg jeans and a burgundy plaid shirt!

Ryan n Regina Weldon said...

you have the cutest kid ever!