Thursday, November 4, 2010

Garfield and Friends

Do you remember Garfield the cat and his dog friend, Odie, and owner, Jon? What about that gray cat, Nermal? You know, the one he was always trying to mail to Abu Dhabi? I remember them, mostly because my sister, Lola, had a huge love for all things Garfield. I think she had a stuffed animal or two, owned some of the comic books when she was younger, and probably had a lot of other things I can't picture at the moment . We used to read the weekend comics in the newspaper and I remember Garfield being one of my favorites. I don't know the last time I saw that funny cat. He was so 1993., when he showed up on Owen's band-aids after his 2-month check-up. Talk about a flash back!

And, in case you're wondering how our big boy is growing, here are his stats:

13 lb. 1.5 oz. {75%}
25 inches {97&}
Healthy and happy!

1 comment:

Lola said...

That Band-Aid ROCKS! :) Garfield looks great on Owen ;)