Saturday, November 20, 2010

Small kitchen

I'm still adjusting to a smaller kitchen. I always feel like my counters are completely cluttered {worse than in my other kitchen: mail, recycling, dirty non-dishwasherable dishes, clean dishes set out to dry, wire microwave oven rack that I don't use.....blah!} and I hate that I have to crawl into the back of my cabinets. Oh, and that corner cabinet between the stove and dishwasher? It doesn't even open all the way because of the way the kitchen is organized, which makes storing things in the back of that one a complete pain! I really need something to organize it all, or some sort of system that would help me keep it decluttered with two little kids around. I still want this grass drying rack, so at least then I'd have a place for the clean drying dishes {that are hiding on that towel behind the milk jugs!}.

Here's a picture of the mess, and a paring knife at the edge of the counter that Isaac could reach {gasp!}, and a cute baby in a Bumbo chair on the counter {gasp!}, and a toddler attempting to pull that baby off of the counter {gasp!}. Any other hazards you see?

P.S. Totally unrelated to this post, but all signs are pointing to my very first blog giveaway soon! Still ironing out the details, but I'm sooooo excited about it! :)

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Jennifer said...

Couple thoughts -- if you're not using the wire microwave rack, stick it in the basement. Maybe a larger dish rack (instead of the grass one) would help you out. If you find the right rack, you could hang it up on the side of the cabinet over the sink when it's not in use like Amanda: Here's a collapsible one:

For the corner cabinet...can you buy some long, narrow plastic bins? You could stash stuff in the bins and then just pull the entire bin out when you need something.

Is there wall room when you walk in the door where you could hang a magazine rack? You could then stuff the mail in the different pockets. Like this cloth one:

Ha! I like thinking about ways to improve organization in small spaces, but I don't necessarily practice what I preach.