Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Poor Thanksgiving

It's overlooked by a lot of people, and that's especially true in retail America. After Halloween, we fast forward to Christmas. It's kind of sick.

I complain about it every year.

And guess what I did today? I started my Christmas list, shopped online for potential Christmas gifts, and I listened to a few of my fave Christmas songs. I'm sick too. On the plus side, I found a gift for Isaac that I know he's going to ADORE! I'm almost giddy just thinking about it!


Jennifer said...

When you say you are sick, do you mean ill? Or, do you mean it's sick that you are doing your xmas shopping now. :-D

Also, good job on posting frequently! The only problem is, now, if you slow down, I will harangue you.

Dr. Blake said...

Well if she does slow down she could always fall back on lame weekly posts about her dog. Oh wait, Jen already has that covered.