Monday, January 24, 2011


One by one, we're all getting colds over here.  Funny how illnesses really do just pass through the whole house!  The only good part about the two little guys getting colds is that I got to whip out my Nosefrida!  I've had it for awhile, just knowing that they'd get a cold at one point or another!

Parents, do yourself a huge favor!  When it comes to a nasty cold, the thick stuffy mucous involved is nearly impossible for little ones to blow out themselves.  And, stop playing around with that blue bulb you received at the hospital.  It will never render enough power to clean out that little nose when there's a cold, and if you don't use it properly, you could cause damage to the nasal passage.  I'm always nervous using it with Owen because he's always just suddenly jerking around.  I can never rely on him to just sit still {Isaac either, for that matter!}.  Nosefrida has spared me many sleepless nights {even though Owen is going through a phase where he's just getting up.  Blech!}.  I'd be in much worse shape without it!

It's real name is Nosefrida - The Snot Sucker.  Direct from their packaging, it says:

It's Smart
It's Swedish
It's maybe a little strange.
It's completely hygienic
thanks to the included filters.

Best of all, it works.  Also, it makes blowing his nose fun for Isaac.  Poor thing.  His nose is getting a little red and chapped from blowing and wiping.  But he really loves to help mommy suck his snot.  :)


Jennifer said...

Do you get snot in your mouth? Also, I'm sure it's great, but that doesn't stop it from looking gross! eep!

Dr. Blake said...

No you don't get snot in your mouth! Gross! There is a filter between the tube and the hose. Other wise why buy one? You could just use a straw!

Too funny!

Lola said...

I have to agree with Poochie that it still looks gross, despite being hygienic and all that! The part that cracked me up, though, was that this post is labeled "pretty things" -- I totally think of "snot suckers" (commodes, too!) when I think of pretty things - lol! :)

Becky said...

I assure you, no snot gets in my mouth. But it is seriously an awesome tool, once you get past the gross factor! :)

Anonymous said...

Just be careful not to use it TOO often because that will increase inflammation and make the airway congestion even worse! This is interesting, I've never seen this before. - Abby