Tuesday, February 5, 2008


It's only Tuesday, and already I feel like I have a whole bunch of fancy new technology.

1. I've never owned an ipod. It's not that I didn't want one, but I just never felt inclined to spend some major moolah on something that I didn't figure I'd use much. I went into the bank to add some more convenient features to my already existing account {e-statements, debit card reward points}, and they informed me that I qualified for a free ipod Nano. I was already using some of the services that were required to qualify, so by adding the last few, I quickly found myself the owner of a new ipod. Sweet. It's especially nice right now as I have a nice long vacation looming on the horizon {and a long flight to boot!}.

2. My new passport came in the mail today complete with my requested name change. I was hoping the last time I got a passport that I could really fill it up with stamps, but it looks like I'm starting over...again. I guess that's what happens when you get married a year after renewing your passport. However, now I have one of the cool new electronic passports, which means when we travel to Taiwan in May, I'll be through immigration and enjoying lunch before the rest of my family even get through the manual passport verification. WOOP! According to my little pamphlet about my new passport, "...Proceed to the special immigration lanes displaying the Electronic Passport logo to be assured of the fastest and most efficient processing." It also still works in the regular lanes, so I can chill with my fam in line if I want. Bonus.

Two fancy things in two days. Not bad, huh? :)


jando_27 said...

I heart my ipod...and free stuff too!

Jennifer said...

I guess you and Lola can be buddies, then. The number 1 buddies always stick together, even if that means waiting in a line.

Regina said...

That is exactly like my nano!