Friday, November 14, 2008


Isaac's newborn photo shoot is available online here.
Click on "Isaac Newborn"
Password: beckyblake

We love our photographer. Not only does she takes great photos, but she's also super nice, and so easy to work with! One thing about taking pictures though, it's always so hard to choose which ones to order! I wish I could just have all of the images, but that would be one pricey photo bill! :) If you don't feel like looking through the whole thing, here are some of our favorites:


Jennifer said...

I really like the one where he has is mouth open on your lap. I can't tell if he is laughing or about to cry.

Kari Krogman said...

Love them all - how will you ever choose?
One word - PRICELESS

jando_27 said...

i also really like that one where he's sitting on your lap

Ben said...

I like all of them! I especially like the one with Isaac and the feathers! =D