Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All those free samples

I'm always cashing in on the free samples I list on my Thursday deals. Usually they are products I've seen/tried before and I just like to have the free sample.

Late last week, I received a free sample of eos shave cream. I'm not sure I posted it on here because it was a one-day only deal. Generally, I just buy a cheap bottle of conditioner and use that as my shave cream. Over the years, I got tired of forking over the extra $$ for fancy creams that I never thought made a huge difference on my legs. At least not a big difference over my value-sized bottle of Suave! But, I'm completely an eos convert after using my sample a couple of times. Seriously, the stuff is amazing, and has a sweet smell to go along with it {I received the pomegranate raspberry flavor}! Plus, it comes in a plastic bottle so there are no rust rings left behind in your shower, and it's paraben free and enriched with natural products. Read more about it here. Love!

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