Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday Deals - 7/22/10

Sorry they're a day late - we were having major thunderstorms last night, which kept knocking out power and internet.

1. 10 more Gifts to Grow points from Pampers with code GTGTENMONTHCODE and 50 free points with code WELCOME2PAMPERS!

2. Target is having a Back in Black Friday sale with super deals today only {7/23/10}. Check it out here!

3. FREE sample of Gano Excel coffee here.

4. Get some FREE ubersamples, organic samples here.

5. FREE sample of OXY Clinical face wash here. There are coupons for printing if you decide you like it too!

6. Staples has some great new coupons: $5 of $25, $10 off $50, $50 off $200.

7. FREE sample of Rachel Ray's new dog food, Nutrish here.

8. More for your dog - FREE sample of Grandma Bowser's dog biscuits. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the sign up form.

9. This week is dog heaven for the dogs out there. FREE Better Than Ears dog treat here.

10. Remember that EOS shave cream I love so much? You can get a printable $1 off coupon here.

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