Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Guesses

Well, I don't talk much about "Donut" here - but I do get asked about this pregnancy on a daily basis. It seems *everyone* wants to know if we're having a boy/girl. So, for the record, we do not know. Isaac guesses brother and sister back and forth, depending on how you phrase the question. If you ask "brother or sister?" he'll say "sister." He just picks whichever you say last, which is really cute. :)

So, in light of this fun little guessing game, can you guess what we're having based on my belly? These pictures are not current, but I can tell you that the first picture is "Donut" and the second picture was "Bubs" {aka: Isaac}. Both are taken at the same gestation in the pregnancies. And, if you're a believer in old wives tales, Donut's heart rate has been pretty much identical to what Isaac's was at each of my appointments. At last check, it was at 142. Just trying to pass the time, you know? :) Good luck!


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