Friday, August 20, 2010

A little fun

And maybe a little crazy. :) I met someone that I only knew through the computer earlier this week. We both belong to a charting/pregnancy/mommy internet forum, and were members of the same small buddy group {there were only about 6 of us total, and 4 of us remain} so we've been "talking" quite often since I found out I was pregnant with Isaac {circa January 2008}, and have kept in touch via the forum and other networking sites. She happened to be going to a family reunion in the Midwest, and detoured about a half hour out of her way on her return trip to meet us for lunch. It was SO great to meet her in person. I really felt like we were old friends and it wasn't our first time meeting at all. Our two boys got along too - they're both October 2008 babies, after all. Two peas in a pod. There were lots of hugs, lots of "you look just like your picture"and "you are just as nice in person", and just generally catching up type talk. I loved every minute. This whole rendezvous made my week.

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Jennifer said...

Coolio. Tell me more about it offline.