Wednesday, August 18, 2010

House Tour: Kitchen

Our kitchen re-do quickly became the, "well, we're already doing this, so what's the big deal if we do this too?" room. I'm happy with how it turned out though. Here's the rundown:

1. New appliances
2. Replace cabinet door
3. Take old pantry out of garage, cut down to create cabinet and more counter space by fridge {Thank heavens for handy uncles!}
4. New countertops
5. New undermount sink
6. New faucet
7. New garbage disposal - because we couldn't detach the other one from the old sink {too much silicone gel used in the previous do-it-yourself project.}
8. Replace all electrical outlets and switches
9. Add outlet by the new cabinet/counter by fridge
10. New paint!
11. Remove breadbox
12. Take down shelf-y thing by the window and above the door to the kitchen {I don't think you can see either of those}.
13. Clean and decorate a little :)
14. Sand and re-finish floor
15. Shorten cabinets above microwave by about 6" so that the unit is flush with the cabinets and not hanging below! {Again, thanks to a handy uncle!}

Still on my to-do list: replace cabinet hardware, but that can wait for now. Ta-Da!!!! :)

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After


Jennifer said...

What cabinet door did you replace?

Becky said...

The narrow one to the left of the stove. See how it was just open before?

Aaron said...

OoOoOoOo....shiny =)