Monday, August 2, 2010

Pretty distractions

I like to look at pretty ideas for decorating to free my mind of the clutter that is currently our new house. Everything is coming along, and I'm looking forward to actually living there this week!

Currently on my mind: something nice, to sit on the sofa table in the entry area, with a purple hydrangea theme {I'm LOVING purple hydrangeas lately!}, or purplish flowers, to pull a little punch of the purple in the curtains and pillows to the other side of the room. The trick is tying the decor into our more modern, clean lines but still adding a little charm back into our already charming house.

Which idea do you like best {all of these are either silk flowers or preserved and dried}? Poll to your right. :) Thanks!

#1 - arranged in a clear, modern vase

#2 - just like this!

#3 - Not a hydrangea, but I still like it!
P.S. - I purchased two of the #3 pillows, and have decided I'll add to the collection as I see fit. The seller of the pillows is actually going to mirror the Damask emblem on the second pillow, so it'll be on the opposite side. I really, REALLY loved #5, but it's sold, and #2 is just a bit too expensive for me at the moment. Come on Clearance!


Jennifer said...

I'm currently the lone vote for other. Get some billy buttons.

You can order them from

Jennifer said...

Here's the image link again: