Sunday, August 22, 2010

House Tour: Isaac and baby's room

Well, for now it's still just Isaac's room. We officially ordered him a "big boy bed" late last week, so the arrangement of the room will change {another post for another day} and part of the reason we haven't put much on the walls just yet. The new paint is appearing blue {partially because of the rug}, but it's more of a nice warm gray. It'll be really cozy when there are two kids in there, but I just love all of the natural light that comes in during the day - such a happy, warm place. Isaac's room is actually one of Blake's favorites in the whole house.

Things we did:
1. Re-finish floor
2. Replace windows
3. Paint {walls and ceiling!}
4. Add one outlet
5. Replace window treatments
6. Remove old light and add ceiling fan



1 comment:

Janelle said...

ooooh, very pretty becks! I love it.

Also, labor day weekend is quickly approaching. I'd appreciate it if you have that baby before I get home for the reunion so I can see the little donut. :)