Friday, August 13, 2010


I know I said I wouldn't get around to posting the before/after pics of our house until next week. But, I realized this morning that our bathroom is actually completely finished {minus the minor paint touch up that you can't see}, and I can't do the weeding of my garden that I wanted to do because it's raining. So, photo/explanation tour....begin!

Things we did to the bathroom {Because you can't see all of the big changes from one photo, and I didn't take pictures of everything in the beginning}:
1. New paint - the wall behind the toilet/cabinet/sink was green, now it's white
2. Replace old, painted medicine cabinet {which also involved added new dry wall to cover the hole in the wall}.
3. Replace painted 1975-looking bulbed light fixture {which also involved moving the light higher, and patching in with dry wall}.
4. Remove giant white cabinet to open it up and create more space, only to discover bolt holes, non-textured wall {NOT matching the rest of the rest of the bathroom}, and trim removal.
5. Call in the plaster guy to match the funky wall texture
6. New sink, medicine cabinets, and toilet seat
7. Master craftsman, Dad, moves trim over from behind our new sink to fill in missing trim hole that was behind giant white cabinet.
8. Same master craftsman re-wired and switched out light switches.


After {sorry the lighting sucks!}

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Lola said...

Looks pretty sweet - can't wait to see it in person one of these days. But hey, you didn't mention the new green potty trainer accessory you added! ;)