Saturday, December 18, 2010

Clever gift wrap

I saw this clever way to wrap a small present and knew I wanted to try it ASAP.  I had one small gift in particular, that I just could not find the right sized box for.  This worked just perfectly.

1. Find a canned good with the pop top/pull tab opening feature
2. Open the bottom of the can with a can opener and empty the contents {eat what's in it!}.  Do not cut the bottom off entirely.
3. Wash and dry the inside of the can; remove label
4. Measure and cut wrapping paper the size of the can.  Wrap around and secure with tape or glue.
5. Nestle your small gift inside - you can also add filler like confetti or candies
6.  Close the bottom and seal by using a hot glue gun around the open edge
7.  Decorate
8.  Watch your recipient open!  How fun! :)

Some small gift ideas:  gift cards, certificates, gloves, nail polish, socks, mini lotions, money, jewelry


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This is clever. Is that a picture of a gift for me? :)