Monday, December 20, 2010


Isaac had a little run in with our wok as Blake pulled it out of the cupboard this evening.  After finally getting the bleeding to stop {and a little consultation with my Dr. friend, Abby!}, it was obvious he needed to go to the hospital.  Four stitches, some tears, screams {"Daddy, come get me!  I'll be a good boy!"}, and a bunch of cookies and candy later, he's fine for now.  But,  he's going to have quite the week:  stitches tonight, having the mole on his foot checked out on Wednesday {guessing they'll remove it...again.}, stitches out on Saturday.  It's a good thing it's Christmas.  All of the presents, cookies, and candy should keep him distracted!



Jennifer said...

Poor Isaac! I hate the look of stitches, btw. Creeps me out. So you have to bring him in on Christmas day to get the stitches out?

Jennifer said...

I think you should post an after after with the stitches out.