Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sopie is such a freak

Meet Sophie. She's not new to the family {you've probably seen her traipsing around in the background in many of my pictures}. She's been around for 7.5 years, but I feel the need to dedicate a post to her because, while she can sometimes get on my nerves, she really has adapted to life with the two boys in the house very well, and over the course of her life, she has become less of a child to us and more of just your regular old dog.  She really is a very good dog.  God bless her.

She loves: Staring, having her belly or ears scratched, sleeping {on her back, in her bed, on the couch {tsk, tsk}, on piles of laundry, or wherever else she generally feels comfortable}, eating, treats, chewing on rawhides {preferably ones that have already been chewed by some other dog}, barking whenever she thinks someone is outside of our house, panting like crazy when we get home {to the point that it is annoying!}, following Isaac around in the hopes that he'll drop some food for her, running toward Owen whenever she hears a burp because she thinks that spit-up will follow {it's totally gross, but she did it with Isaac too...I can't make her stop!}, performing her tricks, walks, being overly friendly to dogs she doesn't know {or dogs she does know for that matter.  Really, she kind of acts like an idiot sometimes!}, playing hide and seek games {go see mama, go see daddy}, and a nice car ride.

She hates: being groomed, having her nails clipped, watching us leave the house, and having us tell her she has to wait an additional 30 minutes to eat because, "Sophie, it's too early!" or that she can't lick up all that food Isaac is spilling/throwing at the dinner table.

Here she is, staring longingly at something Isaac dropped on the floor.

P.S.  Jen, this post was practically made for you!