Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Don't mess with the 2 year old

Kix cereal recently changed the size of their little corn puffed balls. They are smaller. I think supposed to be a little more toddler friendly. As an adult, I honestly didn't really notice the difference because they still taste the same. Isaac, on the other hand, now wants NOTHING to do with Kix. He'll put them in his mouth and spit them out. He'll say, "Isaac wants big Kix." Much to our chagrin, the old style Kix were no longer available. I called General Mills to give them Isaac's feedback. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the old Kix are going to come back {but maybe in a few months, Isaac will have forgotten about that original sized Kix anyway}, but they sent me a nice letter and a couple of awesome coupons. FREE box of cereal {up to a $6.00 value!}, and $1 off any General Mills product. Two thumbs up for GM customer service!

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