Tuesday, March 1, 2011

6 months

Owen is 6 months old today {I think.  How does that work when their birthday is actually on the 30th?}.   He has rediscovered his obsession with his tongue, still doesn't roll much, bounces like CRAZY in his bouncy chair, has almost mastered sitting up, loves his rice and sweet potatoes {besides mommy milk, that's all he's had!}, enjoys playing peek-a-boo with his big brother, hamming it up, rattles, grabbing everything, and is still our little love bug.  We just love him sooooooo much.

Happy 6 months to our little cuddle bug.


PS - 6 month stats will come soon.  His appointment isn't for a couple more weeks.  I guarantee he's bigger than Isaac was at this point!

Update 3-16-2011 :  His appointment was on Monday, the 14th.   He checked in at 17 lbs. 14.5 oz {50%} and 28.5 {95%}. 

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Traci said...

he looks like a little super model in the second picture! how cute!! :)