Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Practicum, Real Estate, Oh My!

Just an update on all those BIG things in my life:

1. Today is the first day of my Kindermusik practicum!  I'm super excited.  Almost done!

2. My Real Estate license is officially dusted off.  Just waiting for approval from the local Board of REALTORS that I have been accepted.  I've already done a couple of open houses in the meantime.  Pretty snazzy!

Come May, I think there will be a few more changes, finally closing up a chapter that has just kind of been strung along as of late, as long as everything continues to go smoothly.

And another update:  Owen finally had his 6 month appointment on Monday.  He's not as chubalubs as he used to be.  In fact, he's starting to be tall and skinny like his brother!  He checked in at 17 lbs. 14.5 oz {50%} and 28.5 {95%}. 

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Ben, Gena, and Baby Bennett said...

You rock, Becky! I haven't checked this blog in so long and I just checked back in and I had to read all of the updates and check to make sure it was really you! LOL! You are awesome!