Wednesday, March 30, 2011

7 months

Owen is seven months old today.  Here's a rundown of what he's into:

  • His favorite book is called See Through Safari
  • He loves bananas and oatmeal.  He loves them both so much that I can't tell which he likes best.
  • Sitting is his favorite.  But, don't expect him to roll over.  He won't do it. :)
  • He's almost up on all fours, and can push himself backward.  I anticipate crawling very soon!
  • He loves watching his big brother do anything.  In fact, if he's almost asleep for a nap and he even hears a peep from his brother, the nap is history!
  • He's still our little cuddlebug
  • Pulling hair, and sucking on mommy's cheek/chin are fun ways for him to pass the time
  • Still no teeth yet!
Have I mentioned that we just love him sooooo much?  Because we do!  He's the best! :)


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