Friday, October 23, 2009

One year stats

For those of you keeping track on how Isaac has grown, he had his one year appointment this past Monday {10/19}.

The good news is, his weight has leveled off. He decided he likes the 5% and is staying there. Here are his stats:

19 lb. 4 oz.
32 inches

At birth, he was:
7lb 14 oz.
21.5 inches

Crazy how much he has grown in a year! He's also learning to tolerate hats, which he has always hated in the past. We have to trick him into thinking he's going outside, and then let him stick his tongue out with Daddy. It's a slow process, but I think by winter he'll be wearing that hat like a pro!

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Kathy's Travel News said...

Ok I am going to sound like a therapist here, but oh well I am one...when we have kids who don't handle wearing bike helmets or hats we press on their head for three seconds a few times and then put the hat on quickly. If you want to give it a try give me a call and I will further explain how we teach the parents to do it. How is the office coming? Is Blake ready for his first patient soon? Lord knows I need to come see him. I don't know anyone here in Dubuque so I will probably be making the trip to see him if he is a provider for Medical Associates.