Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday deals -10/1/09

1.Pay a visit to your local Starbucks from Oct. 2-5 to try out a sample of their new instant coffee. As a reward for your time you will get a coupon for a FREE coffee on your next visit.

2. If you love Consumer Reports as much as I do, take the survey here, and get one FREE month of their online subscription.

3. Having a Halloween Party? Get some cute and FREE printable invites here.

4. Want to check out a Sam's club to see if it's worth the membership? Sign up for a FREE one day pass here. Must use before 11/1/09.

5. Wendy's is now offering their Halloween booklets for $1. They contain 10 FREE junior frosty coupons. So, technically NOT free since you have to buy the booklet, but at $0.10 a frosty, that's not bad! :)

6. Just in time for Blake's new office - a FREE download of Microsoft's Office Express Accounting 2009 software. Woohoo!

6. Need a Nintendo Wii? Right now at Amazon - Wii is $199.99, BUT you get a $25 gift card with your purchase, making it $174.99 + free shipping. Great deal!

7. I have not tried this out yet, but Target is offering a $0.05 credit for every reusable bag you use and it does not have to be a Target brand bag. Definitely trying this out soon!

8. Free pocket Sophie - a great gift for anyone. Read about her here.

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dawnmorning said...

FYI, I'm pretty sure at Hy-Vee and Whole Foods the credit is 10cents for each bag you bring in. And, they don't have to be "reusable," you can bring in paper bags. In fact, I have taken Hy-Vee paper bags to Whole Foods before, and I still get the discount. And no dirty looks or anything! :)