Saturday, October 3, 2009


Since our contractor is going to start with the build-out next week, Blake and I thought it wise to pick out the carpet. Work has also started on the custom receptionist desk.

Here is our carpet - the base color is sort of a dark gray:

Here is our carpet again, with an oak color swatch laid on it {our reception desk will be oak - it's going to look sa-weet!}. On top of the oak swatch is the actual color of the counters of the reception desk:

With all of this in mind, we need your help, dear readers, with paint colors. Our top three choices are shown below. If you don't like any of them, please let us know why and what other colors you might suggest. Otherwise, voting on the poll in the right hand column of my blog would be appreciated! Please note that all colors on these palettes will be used somewhere in the office. The blues are going in Blake's office and the bathroom. Others will be divvied up between adjusting room, therapy, waiting room, etc. Thanks in advance for your advice and opinion! :)


Anonymous said...

I cast my vote, but please remember, you are seeing these colors in real life and we are seeing them via the magic of computer screens...and the magic of computer screens doesn't always reflect reality. So promise me that you'll choose the one that YOU think is best, no matter what the poll says! :)

Lola said...

I love how your carpet color is called "Speak Your Mind" - lol!

Jennifer said...

Tiny fawn and sunset beige seem too eighties, too mauve-y.

Kimmit said...

I voted for #3. Here is my logic:

#1..I would never ever consider putting a tiny fawn in the same room as a lion. I’m sorry, but that just seems cruel to me…even if they are separated by the seven seas!

#2...Really?? Nude?? Putting a nude on the wall in an office…well, that just doesn’t sound very professional. And you can’t very well place the nude against the pepper spice. That would be kind of irritating.
That leaves option #3
I really couldn’t find anything objectionable, so there you have it.

Wow! I think I’ve been sharing a cube with Lola a bit too long! The “lame factor” for this comment is WAY up there!!!

Lola said...

Oh sure, Kimmit! Blame me for your lame comments! I've been telling everyone that YOUR lame-osity is rubbing off on ME. ;) LOL