Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This beauty of a cabinet used to look lovely in the bathroom of our condo. When we moved into our house, I couldn't find the right place for it, so it has been looking pretty inside a closet in the basement. Thank goodness for Blake's office. I'm going to clean it up and put it in the bathroom! We actually have some unsightly plumbing that cannot be removed, {some genius thought it would be a good idea to have a urinal in there, the urinal was removed, probably with the person who wanted it, but all of the piping remained. We were able to cover up most of it, but the main water line is still there} so, our little cabinet is going to sit in front of it. It couldn't be more perfect as we'll need a small storage space anyway, and most of the decor in the bathroom will already be white.

I'm pumped - too bad the bathroom is going to be a PITA to paint - even the CEILING has to be painted. It looks like a dungeon in there now. Hopefully, with a little cost-friendly facelift, it'll look charming.

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