Friday, April 11, 2008


Every so often, my mom finds the need to remind me just how cute she is {siblings, please imagine mom voice and appropriate sense of urgency}:

*ring ring* (caller ID says Dad cell)

Becky: Hi Mom!
Mom: Becky. What you doing?
Becky: Washing my hands.
Mom: Huh?
Becky: Washing my hands.
Mom: What?
Becky: Washing. My. Hands.
Mom: Waffling your van?!?

I love mom-isms. Her interpretation of the English language has been the source of many laughs in our household. I'm just glad she's such a good sport about it! :)


Jennifer said...

From Christmastime: "Kill the Snyders! Use your gazookie!"

Brian said...

From the musical: "I should make Milda some muffins."
Me: "Who's Milda?"
Mom: "The band teacher."
Me: "Meredith?"
Mom: "Yeah, Merladiff."

Jennifer said...

From our teenage years: "You're granted!"

Also, that deleted comment is from me. I had used "your" instead of "you're" and I just couldn't live with that.

Josh said...

I just about fell over reading all those. Hilarious!

Lola said...

My personal favorite is when mom threatened Ben, who was putting his feet on the base of the kitchen table: "Get your feet off the table, or I'll make you get down and BUFF MY WOOD!"