Friday, April 18, 2008

Mom's words of wisdom

I love spending entire days with my parents. This morning, we dropped Sophie {freshly groomed} off at their house, had a good laugh, and then Blake and I headed to my 16 week OB check-up {Baby is great. Heart beat was 152 today}. Afterwards, we met up with mom and dad for lunch at a Japanese steakhouse where Dad and Blake promptly loosened up with multiple shots of sake, then Dad jetted home to start chores while Blake and I took mom around to run some errands.

After we brought mom home, and were helping her make shuĭ jiăo {Chinese dumplings}, the conversation turned to our future children, and being involved in their lives, making sure to discipline and shape them while they are young, etc. Mom first dispensed these wise words:

"You can bend a young tree, but not an old one."

I like this one. It just makes sense. Then, after a little bit of that talk, she said this:

"If your heart's not there, you can't make the fat man sing."

LOL....There was a pause, and we all burst out laughing, including mom. Then she said, "well, you know what I mean."

You know, I still don't know what that is supposed to mean, but we all decided that the second words of wisdom should be put in a fortune cookie, and then mom should write a book: Deep Thoughts by BeFong. Gosh, I just love them!


Jennifer said...

I like her dating advice, "When you're dating, keep both eyes open. When you're married, keep one eye closed."

Anonymous said...

Regarding "If your heart's not there, you can't make the fat man sing."

I think what your mom meant was if you do not listen to my advice it is like singing to a person who does not appreciate..

I like your posts and god bless you and the little one growing.