Sunday, August 5, 2007

Abby Gets Married

What a fantastic weekend! Not only did I get to see my friend, Abby, tie the knot, but I also got to see some old friends, my sister's new house, and I got to spend some serious QT with Jennifer and her boyfriend, Chad.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Abby and Travis! :) It's weird to see my "younger generation of friends" getting married, but I couldn't be happier for them. Plus, having a marching band mini-reunion is also cause for a celebration! And to my friend, Matt, thank you, thank you, thank you for singing all those songs with me at the top of my lungs!! I simply love to sing!

My singing buddy!

Mini Marching Band Reunion!

The only sad part about the weekend, was returning home and seeing that Danielle had packed up and moved out... :( I knew she would be leaving because her medical rotation was over, but it was nice to have a roomie for that short while! And not just a roomie, but someone who was also a wife, so we could relate about all the things husbands do just to get on our nerves! :) Of course, Blake would always defend himself. :-P

And, now that Danielle is moved out, Blake and I have to embark on the process of preparing our home for the real estate market. It's scary to think that in six short months, we will be moving *hopefully* into a different house! First things first....we gotta get this one in showing shape, and perhaps peruse the market a little bit for ourselves. Wish us luck!

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