Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fine Ladies...I won $27 on the penny slot!

Janelle and Meredith, I hope you're happy now! :)

Why did the chicken cross the road?

That video can make me laugh every time. Life is great right now. I have no complaints.

Funny story: After playing the organ for the Latin Mass this past Sunday, two of the young girls that sing and attempt to boss me around (ages 12 and 10), handed me a book called The Young Woman's Modesty Resource Guide while saying, "Becky, we really think you should read this."

It is a book written by 19-year-old Claire Halbur that speaks of how to dress stylishly while still being modest and pure. In short, I can't show my knees or shoulders, my blouse (!!!) should never allow a show through if I bend over or pop back up when I push on the center of my chest where my ribs come together, and all shirts should never be lower cut than two fingers width below the pit of your throat. Also, if you are active, you should wear a lightweight denim skirt with capris underneath. In fact, there is a checklist to determining whether the clothes are appropriate. The motto: "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes. Doesn't work? Then out it goes!" And, in case you're really interested, you can see some "super stylish" swim wear by clicking here.

Blake thinks they were trying to tell me something....no - really?

I don't think what they are practicing is wrong, I just wish they wouldn't try to press their views on me.

Joanna - I'm thinking of you! Good luck with your confusing situation right now, and if you ever need an ear, I'm just a phone call away! :)

Meredith - E O A. Apparently, I also need to attend AA, and Bob and Travis stood me up today. They never came back...so I'm not going to talk to them anymore. I'll probably just stand outside of your house and text you.

And finally, I'm in love with these picture frames (make sure you take a look at the room view!) from CB2. They would look wonderful with my "season tree" project that I am working on, and I want them for my new house when we move!


michelle said...

LMAO! Is the "Slimming Swimmer" a MAN?!?!

jando_27 said...

The swimwear rocks.

Interesting topic as I'm currently reading "A Return to Modesty" by Wendy Shalit.

Regina said...

what's funny is that the book is written by a 19 year old. I'm sure she has lots of worldly experience to pass along in her book =)

michelle said...

Yeah and I'm sure she was also home schooled...

Jennifer said...

LOL! That is AWESOME! Who knew you were so provactive?