Sunday, August 26, 2007

I won 32 bucks on a penny slot

It's a good thing, my luck was with me when we visited the new casino last night because Friday, Blake and I went back through one of the houses we liked and were happily greeted by a flat tire when we got out of the car. Another sign of luck: we made it to the home and into the driveway with no problems. In fact, it was hissing its way to flat when we got out of the car, and it was raining. Why is it, that a tire can never pick a really convenient time to go flat?

While the house we liked isn't our dream home, it is surely a very nice place for us to get started. We know that it's great because we can actually picture ourselves living there! We're not really rushing into anything, so we're just going to give it some time. Ranch style houses generally aren't my favorite, but since there seems to be nothing else on the market in our area at this time, I think this one is cute. Well, as cute as I will ever think a ranch house to be.

And, in honor of our friend Meredith turning the big, whopping 23, we took her out to eat and then decided to check out the new casino, where I went on to win 32 bucks on the penny slot. That was pretty grand for the evening. My older sister, Lola, also came out to join the birthday party. It was so great of her to join us! Yes, we four people make quite the party! Happy Birthday Mere-duh.

The birthday party!


Meredith said...


When you put $20 into a slot machine and take $32 out you do NOT win $32. You actually win $12.

Duh :-)

Becky said...

Duh Meredith...I only put in $5. So, that means I won $27.

But $32 is what I cashed out at.

jando_27 said...

I agree with Meredith. You need to change your blog post to "I won $27 on a penny slot".