Sunday, October 7, 2007

Finally taking a breather

What a busy weekend:
1. Blake talked with the Dr. about a job - So far so good
2. I played a wedding
3. We put an offer on the house we like; we have not heard back yet
4. The boys started demolishing a building
5. Ben went to his high school homecoming
6. We baby-sat Jessi all day Saturday, while Lola and Mike were helping friends fix up their house
7. Worked at church this morning
8. Blake met again with the Dr. to try to discuss details; this could get interesting
9. Returned home to discover we forgot Sophie's leash, so had to go buy her a new one. Now she has a pretty hip camouflage leash. GI-DOG


Jennifer said...

I can't believe you conned Ben into doing a jumping photo. :-P

Jennifer said...

How do you get your pictures to shrink down so when you click them they don't open up to a ginourmous size?

Anonymous said...

What happen to the pick of us w/ the Sledge Hammer?

Becky said...

The sledgehammer picture is still there...why are you confused Brian?