Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello pretty things!

I wish I could take a picture of all the things I found today.

I must rejoice in finding a fall dress, in a beautiful purple hue. It's not exactly what I was looking for because it's a simple knit dress, but it's certainly better than none at all! And, it was only $25! I also bought some wooden word art for my new home. I couldn't resist at 60% off. It's just the word "HOME" and it stands on its own. I already have a spot picked out for it and I bought a smaller version of the same style that says "FAITH." I've really been into this word art stuff lately. In fact, a friend introduced me to Uppercase Living, and I'm planning on having a party in January or February for some more decorative word art. If you're into this style of decorating (even just a little bit), Uppercase Living products are beautiful and inexpensive. I can't wait for my party! :) I particularly love these pieces of wall art in the photo below.

While I was out and about, I also found the shirt that I liked seen here, and discovered that it does not fit nicely, and frankly, makes me look like a clown. I felt like I was wearing the clown suit that I wore to go trick-or-treating when I was about 8.

Status of Blake's trip: He landed safely in New York - JFK and his flight leaves around 7 p.m. ET for Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Days until the big move: 37
Days until the house is officially ours: 43

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michelle said...

I really like that Uppercase living thing! Pretty cool! Your new house is going to look amazing!