Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Sr. Marian (yes, a nun) taught me this today - apparently it's something she, and some of her priest friends, use frequently. If you call someone a pita, you mean they are a:


Side note: Luke and Sara have baby #2 on board. Ah! I'm so excited for them, and for little Paige to get a sibling! :) It's also slightly weird because they are younger than me, and baby #1 for Blake and me is really still just a figment of our imaginations! As my mom says, "some people are just made for making babies." I guess that's Luke and Sara to a tee. Congratulations you two!


Jennifer said...

Speaking of babies, is our cousin Jeff going to be a daddy soon? I saw something on, wait for it, Facebook - the only way to stay in touch in this day and age. :)

jando_27 said...

thunder stealer

jando_27 said...

no, i've known for quite a while...but you made an announcement before me :-)