Friday, October 12, 2007

Pretty shirt

I'm really drawn to this purple ruffle blouse from the Simply Vera Wang collection at Kohl's.

I love the color, and think the ruffles are adorable, though I'm normally not a ruffles fan. Unfortunately for me, it's out of stock. So....another pretty thing that has eluded me. Boo. I will have to check the store for this one. I haven't been to a Kohl's in eons. Wouldn't it look nice with a pair of black pants and some black (ooh, or purple!) wedges or heels?

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jando_27 said...

I actually went to Kohls today for the first time in a long time...was looking for pjs for the boys...anyway, the Simply Vera Wang collection is pretty. Even the other brands have pretty clothes this season...I think I just love all the rich jewel tones everybody is using.