Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why must pretty things elude me?

Awhile ago, I was all pumped about decorating my new house right away. Now, I've decided against the immediate decorating for a few reasons:

1. Rugs (at least the ones I like) are ridiculously overpriced for something you just walk all over.
2. I don't like to pay full-price for things. I am going to look for a washer and dryer around Thanksgiving when they have all of the great sales!
3. I just don't know, and won't know, how I want to decorate until I've lived there for a little bit. I need some time to let the house inspire me.
4. Who has time to decorate with new stuff while you're still unpacking all of your old stuff?
5. Time will tell what I will have the $ power to need in setting my sights on fancy things I can't afford.
6. I don't want to purchase and decorate things without Blake's insight. Even though I'll be living there alone for three months, it's his house too!

I've already been looking for things that I thought I might like to decorate with (just formulating ideas), and I can't seem to find just the right thing. It's very reminiscent of my search for the perfect fall dress, which I still don't have.


Jennifer said...

My bedroom rug from IKEA was only $40. I've seen several rugs I liked for less than $100 on

jando_27 said...

The rug of my life was 99.99 I think. Target. Seemed like a lot until I realized that rugs ARE insanely overpriced. Jennifer had a good idea. Check IKEA. There's one near Chicago if you fall in love with something…but shipping may be less than a tank of gas. :-) I also suggest because they have an awesome selection as well.

Also...don't get your hopes up in finding an exact match of something you might see in, say, a Pottery Barn magazine or an Antropologie website. You won't find an exact match but take away the inspiration and try to find your own unique pieces. I think the best rooms come together piece by piece rather than being put together at once. Good luck, I can't wait to see your house!