Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whoa horsey

It's really hard to keep a normal life when you have a million other things going on. Here's a list of everything Blake and I are doing while still maintaining our regular work and school schedules:

1. Find our's lost in the corporate world somewhere....we've been searching for weeks, but we got a lead today
2. Get Blake ready for his seminar in Chicago this weekend
3. Meet with the bank to finalize financing
4. Finalize papers to accept the seller's counter-offer on that house we like
5. Set up home inspections for times when one of us can be there to hear what the inspector has to say
6. Pay off my car bill...$1000 + two tires (are you tired of hearing me complain about this yet?)
7. Get some of the documents needed for closing prepared (it sucks to be a seller!)
8. Find other documents needed to prepare above documents
9. Find boxes to pack our stuff into...anyone got a million laying around?
10. Make sure Blake has everything he needs for his trip to Brazil...arrange for drop off and pick up times, around all of the other appointments we have...this actually requires re-arranging my work schedule which is almost impossible these days!
11. Lining up musicians, and their stipends, for the Ordination Mass on the 27th.
12. Fitting in the time to go to two weddings
13. Setting up two times for two closings on 11/30
14. Get letter/contract from Dr. regarding Blake before Sunday
15. Finish my summer 2006 scrapbook, and dream about starting 2007
16. Find washer and dryer for our new place
17. Go through our new house to measure windows for blinds, and find some curtains for select rooms
18. Get garage key/code so that when we move, we can get into the garage at our new house - we're so smart asking, as part of our offer, for possession of the garage before the closing date so we don't have to worry about where to store our stuff
19. Line up some moving help
20. Eat
21. Sleep
22. Shower
23. Feed the dog

I need the last four because I'm afraid I might forget with everything else going on! :) Moving is a pain in the ass. It's worse because Blake will be gone, so I'm alone with most of this. Yowza.

Assuming that everything goes as planned, our prospective new place is below.

Days until the move: 44


jando_27 said...

aw! super cute house! If you want a lead on friend Mattie actually found a bunch of beautiful ones at Tuesday morning for super cheap a few weeks ago. It's worth a look.

Isn't it nice having a list, too?

Jennifer said...

I have a million boxes laying around. Your challenge: Get them from point A to point B. Maybe if M and D come visit me sometime soon, they can cart the boxes back with them. And you could get them that way. Or could Blake get some from work?

Regina said...

You'll have to let me know what day you move. We would be happy to help. What's the address for your new house? Very cute by the way!

jando_27 said...

hey...just thought of this...if you have a yahoo address (or even if you don't sign up) and look in the Yahoo groups for a Freecycle group in the Quad Cities. It's a place where people give and take everything for free. I've given away baby stuff, picked up other baby things. I even gave some stuff to a woman having triplets! :-) Anyway, people are always listing moving boxes on there. Just an idea.

Meredith said...

FYI, I'll help you move. Just don't expect me to carry much ;-)

Chien Yun said...

hey beck, so thats your new house? the looks fabulous!!! wow~