Monday, September 24, 2007

Come on, did I really need the head start?

I thought Blake and I were getting a head start by putting our place on the market early. In our current real estate market, it takes roughly 4-6 months for a house to sell. So here we are, five months out, and today was the first official day on the market. As luck would have it, we already have a showing scheduled for tomorrow at 5 p.m.

This should be exciting right? Instead, I am currently freaking out about what we will do if this person likes our place. A little background: apparently this young woman touring our place tomorrow had already put an offer an another unit in our building awhile ago. This particular unit was completely trashed and needed an entire re-model. It had been foreclosed upon, and her offer kind of got lost between the realtors and the banks, so she never heard anything back. All signs would point to the fact that she really likes the general floor plan, the building, the area, etc., and just wants to live

This was my immediate reaction after I was informed of the showing tomorrow:
1. Since I'm working all day tomorrow, Blake will be in charge of making sure the place looks spic and span....*crosses fingers*....thankfully, it's still mostly clean from our realtor's visit on Friday!

2. CRAP. I didn't take Sophie, our dog, with me this week (normally, she does accompany me...but I haven't been taking her recently because I'm only staying one night, and returning home late Tuesday evening). Blake and I had already decided she would start to come with me again, but I thought I'd start next week because "what are the odds that we'll have a showing before Wednesday if Monday is our first day on the market?" --> Smart one on my part, especially because I already knew Blake had to work at 5 on Tuesday. ugh. So, I had to arrange for my wonderful cousin, Sheri, to pick Sophie up and baby-sit her until I get home. *Thumping my head* Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Of course, my mind has already traveled to thoughts of "What if she gives us an offer
tomorrow...or sometime this week?":
1. Hooray for our house spending very little time on the market!!
2. I'm happy that thing is sold but I'll definitely miss our very first home.
3. I have no other place to live...yet...besides with my parents for a little while if nothing works out...which I haven't really discussed with them yet, but I'm sure they would be more than happy to have us. :)
4. I know which house I want to be my next home, if other things fall into place first.
5. F***! I haven't even looked into securing financing for a future home (my own fault?)
6. Wait...I can't secure financing because we don't even know if Blake has a job, if he's opening his own practice....blah!
7. I hope that other Doctor is doing his research because I am sick of waiting, and Blake leaves for Brazil in a few weeks. It would be nice to know.
8. BLAKE WILL BE IN BRAZIL! If we get an offer, when do we close? (my realtor informs me that the closing date is completely our decision, so that is good news) *phew!*

I need to stop "putting the cart before the horse," as the old adage goes.

I'll know more tomorrow after the showing....this is going to be an interesting process, especially if my mind continues to freak out upon learning of any showing.

Our lovely living area...who wouldn't want to live here? :)