Saturday, September 8, 2007


I love looking through websites for inspirational ideas on decorating! I've recently been dreaming about our future house (one in particular), and I've already picked out furniture and curtains (actually, an idea of furniture and curtains) for our future sitting/entertaining area.

I like this TV stand and this sofa from Pottery Barn, and these curtains from Ikea. I'm a big fan of the sheer curtains on windows (the ones people can't see in at night!), because they add a nice soft touch, but don't keep the lovely sunshine from coming in! I am a big fan of the whole "simple but elegant" concept. I highly recommend clicking through their sites. If not for inspiration, then just for the pure enjoyment of looking at all of their beautiful things!

The big problem: all of this looking really makes me want to move, or at least have more than my quaint little place to furnish! I have to keep telling myself, "Soon, Becky, soon."

Here are the two furniture pieces...beautiful, right?

Now, imagine those adorable products in this space:

Wouldn't it all look magnificent with red as an accent color?
It makes me want to throw a party with that new platter I ordered a little while my new house of course!
You can see it by clicking here.

I hate the waiting game! And to think I used to be so patient!

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michelle said...

wow you are getting me excited to decorate my house, but you are lot closer to actually getting there!! Oh and if you want any help let me know =)