Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Patty Cake Patty Cake

Baker's man....or BakersEdge! Jennifer sent me an e-mail today with the link to this brilliant invention. I am obsessed with the edge pieces of brownies or any type of bar pan dessert, so this invention is really a gift from God (or Jennifer since she brought it to my attention?)! In my mind, it is perhaps a little pricey for a pan, but if I get that many edge pieces out of one batch, it's worth it!

When Blake saw this wonderful pan, he said, "Screw that. They need to invent something that makes brownies with no edges!" Since I'm the baker, he loses.


michelle said...

WOW We should have a brownie party! I LOVE THE EDGED!

jando_27 said...

i agree with blake...i want a pan with all middle pieces

maybe that's why traditional pans exist? Some like the outside, some like the inside :-)

Jennifer said...

I like it all. Edge pan or traditional pan, I'd keep picking away at the brownies until they were all gone. yum!

Dawn said...

I'm with Blake! What are they thinking??? Do you know how much effort it takes to manipulate the dessert-passing so that I get a middle piece? :)