Sunday, September 9, 2007

Doctor Buds

Doctor Blake met and became friends with Rug Doctor today. They made quite the team, and under the direction of Dr. Blake, Rug Dr. did a marvelous job steaming and cleaning our carpet back to health. Sadly, Rug Dr. will only be around for 24 hours. Since Blake and him became such good friends, I'm sure a tear or two will be shed when Rug Doctor returns home.

The doctors doing some high quality bonding.

Having the big task of cleaning our carpets finished means that our place is officially ready for the real-estate market! Hopefully Blake will meet with another Doctor this week to discuss possible job opportunities, which means that hopefully I will be calling a realtor one week from Wednesday!! I say *hopefully* because it is just that -- hopeful events. When Blake's meeting materializes into a fact, then my phone call will also become fact. AHH! I'm getting so excited!

1 comment:

michelle said...

I need to meet with Rug Doctor in my room!!

That's super exciting!!! Keep me update with how things go =D Oh you know Peter was working on Friday night...