Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great idea!

I visit Jordan Ferney's blog, Oh Happy Day, on a regular basis, and I love her idea of taking a photo tour of her current apartment before she moves to her new place (check it out!). I plan on putting our place on the market later this week, so I'm going to give a photo tour too. She has a lot more pretty and interesting things than I do, but I can talk up my lovely couch animals or my "vintage" entertainment center (3rd time owners!). Photo tour to come soon.

While I'm on the house subject, I went through another house yesterday. Five levels (think weird split-level, not skyscraper tall) + two pink toilets + one pink bathtub + one blue toilet in American flag themed bathroom + included old appliances (among them, a microwave from probably 1976 at the earliest) + blue counter tops = Yikes...we are NOT living there.

I also really enjoy Fine Little Day, from Sweden. It's another blog that I visit daily. It's very simple with adorable pictures about real life. It makes me smile. Below is a sample of one of her posts.

This sad sad sight met us yesterday when we was to pick up a friend of Otto.
A drowned hedgehog.

Cute, right? But, also slightly funny - and probably not what you were expecting. I think the little boy (her son) squatting on the edge of that fountain just looks so precious!

My sister has finally started to update her blog on a semi-regular basis, to which I can only reply, "It's about time!" I was starting to feel like checking her blog regularly was simply a lost cause. Then she surprised me with multiple updates in a single evening, and even updates two days in a row! Note to readers: please read her blog on silicone strainers. It's very informational if you are considering one for your kitchen sink! Who knew?


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