Thursday, September 6, 2007

Do you see it? Where is it?

As promised, my thoughts on Steve and Barry's:

1. Once we finally found it in the crazy shopping plaza, we discovered that it was gigantic. MUCH bigger than I had pictured! So big, I don't even know how we had trouble finding it. Well, I do was around a corner.
2. They have clothes (casual - business) for everyone (babies-elderly), shoes, jewelry, hairpieces, purses, etc.
3. I didn't pay much attention to any of the other clothes outside of SJP's line. Amanda Bynes has a line there too, as well as some Marbury basketball guy, and some golfer.
4. It was clear this store was still fairly new and in the process of training employees, setting up, etc.
5. They had not yet put out SJP's FALL line, so I only got to see what was leftover of the summer line. Another trip may be in order next week or later this weekend.
6. Blake picked up a polo for $6.98, a T-shirt for $8, and I also got a casual BITTEN T-shirt for $6.48. All in all, not a bad trip.
7. Many of the shoes there were adorable (all $9.98), but none in my size. Boo.
8. I would recommend checking it out if you have one within a decent driving distance. It's definitely got a lot of potential and great for shopping on a budget.
9. I don't know if this helps, but Blake said when we walked in that the look of the store reminded him of a nicer version of Old Navy. I agree.
10. In case you were wondering how the clothes actually fit, you can see a picture of me in my shirt below. Please excuse the tag. I cannot say anything about the bottoms, but the tops fit quite nicely. :)

Not bad for less than 7 bucks, eh?

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jando_27 said...

cute shirt!

really worth the drive to Lincoln for me?