Friday, September 7, 2007

Pretty Latte

The next time I get a latte, I hope it looks like this:

It turns out that Latte Art is becoming more and more popular as a way for coffee shops and baristas to set themselves apart from the competition. This latte looks so cute, I really just want to drink it up! :)
Click here to watch a short segment on latte art (there is a short advertisement first).

As a side note, I realize how completely sad I must look updating my blog multiple times a day and for multiple days in a row. But, in my defense, I'm on my very last week of my "summer vacation" which started at the beginning of July, Blake is studying for his National Boards this weekend, and it's ridiculously hot and humid outside, so I really have nothing better to do, during my breaks from getting our place ready for the real estate market, than make friends with my blog. :) I know how much you enjoy my updates, right? So, consider yourself spoiled with my abundance of entries. In the coming weeks, they are sure to become less frequent.


Jennifer said...

Seems latte art is really growing. I had a primitive design in a latte I got in Taiwan back in '05. It was just a heart, but cool nonetheless.

Jennifer said...

Also, keep up the updating! Daily, if you can. It gives me stuff to read at work. Now about my blog...I'll update it when I'm good and ready to update it.

jando_27 said...

i completely agree...keep updating as I keep checking during work...and I knew a local guy who did latte art...he always did leaves and hearts and stuff, nothing as cool as that monkey!