Sunday, September 9, 2007

Do something creative every day

Or at least that's what Paper Source says you should do! I stumbled across the Paper Source store on accident while doing an internet search for scrap booking paper. Their web site is full of all kinds of pretty things! They even have an adorable "how to" section that gives you simple ideas for holidays (how to make a 3-D snowflake), year-round projects (an accordion book, table cards, luminaries), etc.!

When I move, I'm going to splurge and purchase this calendar for the room that will be my office. An adorable splash of color every month!

I love the poster designs from one of their other calendars as well (pictured below). It screams classy, vintage, cool....everything a calendar should be! :)

They also have adorable patterned file folders that I may consider for the organization of music in my office. I'm tired of the same old manila color...

While you're visiting their site, make sure you try out the colorscope. You pick a color or two that appeals to you, and the colorscope gives you a little insight on your personality - once you're reading the personality insight, you can also click on the color name, and it shows you some envelopes in that particular color! C-U-T-E! I picked two colors, and here's what colorscope says about me:
You are spirited and energetic. You are sunny and don't dwell on the past. You are a team player, realistic, cheerful and flexible.

You know who you are and what you want. Popularity, money, and power are all yours. You are kind and generous to your friends. You love to have fun at parties, especially if you are in charge, but you are also a perfectionist. You state your opinions boldly.

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michelle said...

That color thing is pretty cool, except the two colors I picked contradicted themselves...huh