Saturday, September 8, 2007

Engaged encounter

I met with a future bride and groom today who seem completely clueless about everything that being married entails. They both know that they love each other and want to be married (or do they just want the ceremony and the party that follows?), but outside of that, they seem insecure about their future big decisions (i.e., where they are going to live, if they are having kids, if she is taking his last name, etc.). They want the Catholic wedding ceremony, but aren't even sure that they want to continue with that religious affiliation after the wedding (and they admitted it to the priest!). They are getting married in less than a month. I wish them the best now, and will give them my well wishes on their wedding day. Marriage is work, but it's well worth it!

Everything that happened today made me appreciate coming home to Blake so much more.

Omnia vincit Amor: et nos cedamus Amori
Love conquers all things: let us too give in to love

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