Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Christmas stuff

Blake and I made out like bandits shopping today. We decided to take advantage of the huge clearance sales on Christmas items, and left with the following:

1. An entire ribbon collection {which makes me very happy!}
2. Two additional Christmas trees {hey, we've got a big house!}
3. Decorations for both of the new trees
4. Garland
5. Wrapping paper
6. A beautiful angel tree topper
7. Gift tags
8. Three storage tubs {You can't ever have too many of those. They really help me organize my life! Who cares if they are Christmas colored?}
9. Two tree skirts {It's probably time for us to retire the blanket that we use as a faux tree skirt. :) }
10. Five sets of Christmas tree lights {Including red ones for Blake's 2008 Nebraska Husker tree...}
11. Invites for next year's holiday party {that's right. We're going to try to have an annual holiday party of friends, family, food, and fun! ooh la la!}

I was so ecstatic about our purchases and subsequent huge savings, that I really wanted to come home and set it all up! If you are looking for Christmas stuff, I suggest you take advantage of the great sales going on right now. I can't wait for holiday season 2008!

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jando_27 said...

i also picked up a bunch of ribbon and wrapping paper...i've been inspired by Jordan Ferney's blog to wrap presents beautifully